Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Ocean Edge Cottage In Maine

The size of this oil painting is 24x36 inches...a bit large for my painting standards. I had done a few smaller paintings of this scene , and they had sold. One of them... the first one, won Best of Show at The Newburyport Art Association down in Massachusetts back in 2001... So I figured that I would try a larger painting just for the hell of it. I would use much larger brushes and much more paint ... it turned out that I was happy with the finished painting ... it was hanging up at the gallery in Kennebunkport, Maine for about two seasons, and then it was sold. I was happy.
Lately I've come across other artists rendition of this scene .... it's a wonderful view at this spot.
Just around the bend in the road you'll come upon the Bush Compound. That is George Bush seniors oceanside summer retreat at Walkers Point.


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Bruce Docker said...

Obviously the colors in this are very nice, but a person thing for me is the composition. It kicks ass. This is a painting I come back to. To enjoy and learn from.