Friday, April 9, 2010

Maplewood Ave. Portsmouth

Here are group of houses along Maplewood Ave. at the overpass of Rt.1 by-pass, just before Cutts Rd. I exaggerated the perspective to make the picture a bit more interesting...making it seem like the hill is steeper than it actually is.

5.5 x 8" Watercolor


AutumnLeaves said...

Another home run here, Dennis. By the way, which guy are you in the family portrait in your profile (the sitter or the stander???). My goodness but you should travel the country and keep these coming. I love all of these paintings!

Denny said...

thank you Autumn...would you want to sponsor me? :D

Denny said...

btw Autumn, that is me standing, many years ago, my mother on my left uncle Mike my right and aunt Rose up front