Friday, May 7, 2010

Six Windows

I was in my work van sitting in a D'Angelos parking lot in Biddeford, Maine having lunch when I noticed that the scene on the other side of my windshield seemed a bit interesting. I looked at the dashboard clock, quickly finished my grinder, and I pulled out my watercolor gear. I was looking over a six foot privacy fence painting this scene. The bottom of the painting is where the top of the fence began, I just left it out of the picture. The van is high enough off the ground to offer a decent view. What captured my interest in this scene were the shapes of the buildings, the color of the orange house against the blue house, the roof lines and the space between the windows.

3.25 x 6.25 Watercolor


AutumnLeaves said...

First of all, Dennis...What is a grinder? (I think it is some sort of sandwich, right?) Secondly, can't believe you did this wonderful piece on your lunch! Thirdly, this is lovely and of course, I had to count the windows!

Denny said...

Thank you Autumn... a grinder is a sub sandwich