Tuesday, March 1, 2011

All Night Long

Party time at Dan Smart's house! Good food (Dan married a beautiful Italian lady who knows what cooking and eating is all about) music and friends combine to make Dan's parties memorable events. I did a portrait of his house a few years ago (it's still deep down in my blog somewhere) ... he had it hanging on his wall for about a year when I come visit one day and I see another portrait of his house, done in oil, by another painter in the same spot hanging on his wall. I said "What's up with that?" Dan says "Look how static your painting is next to this painting, and you left out most of my rocks." It's true that my paintings are a bit stark, but that' was intentional. Dan is a rock enthusiast and collects oddly shaped rocks. I told him I wanted to simplify the scene ... I left them out and concentrated more on his house.
He gave me $100 dollars and said to take the painting home and "fix it up." I had difficulty matching colors and the project wasn't working out good at all. I'm still working on it ...
I decided to do a watercolor completely opposite of the old painting... I will get this matted and present this to him. Watercolor 8.5 x 6"

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AutumnLeaves said...

Well, Dennis, this is one gorgeous piece and so full of interest! I love night time paintings and am wishing I was at that rockin' party! Looks like it was fun!