Friday, July 15, 2011

Rural Jersey

Here I am again back on the island of Jersey ... somewhere in the countryside.
via Google Street View for Bill Guffeys Virtual Paintout challenge.
I remember as a beginner painter how afraid I was mixing the color green. I met others who also had the same fear... chlorophobia or greenophobia ... and remember -"NEVER USE GREEN OUT OF THE TUBE!" Of course as a beginner, adding white to green always resulted in chalky paintings.
As a mature painter working outdoors, one notices the subtle differences of all the greens. The warms greens (adding yellow) against the cool blue greens (adding blue), a dab of red here and orange there...the distant blue green trees on the horizon.
Charles Movalli, my painting teacher, used to start a painting of trees in a field with a red violet under painting, laying the different colors of greens over the red violet color, resulting in some interesting colors.

Oil Paint 5 x 7" $50.00 USD


AutumnLeaves said...

This is beautiful, Denny. Truly and it looks as though the sun is rising with the sky color and direction of shadows. Gorgeous! And here I am using greens out of the tube and mixing in yellows, blues, and blacks trying to get the right hues and always missing the mark. I 'oughta' start with blue and yellow and mix mix mix!

Laura A. said...

Really am enjoying your work. Love how you handled the greens in this piece.

Found you through the Virtual Paintout... fun stuff, eh?

sarah meredith said...

This is a really lovely, serene painting - and I love the color of the sky!

Nan Johnson said...

Just came over from VP to tell you I like this piece. Found the rest of your work and I have to tell you that I really like your style! Very nice.

Steven W. Dunn said...

Hi Dennis
What you are creating with oils is just as exciting as what you do with watercolors. The "language" that you speak in your paintings is beautiful and unique and your success of translating this in different mediums speaks of your accomplished abilities. The editing of what you see is so well done and results in a most memorable style.
I visit your site often because I enjoy your paintings so much!