Monday, July 20, 2009

Outlaw Willie

Last month James Parker had a challenge to paint aged people. Windows to the Words He had a few cool photos to choose from...I chose Willie Nelson. I missed the challenge dates, but i decided to do one anyhow.I always thought that Willie rocked (especially the band he used during the mid-seventies and early eighties) and could croon in his own unique vocal style...he sounds great singing duets with either male or female vocalists. I heard he built a new addition to his home to keep all his CMA, AMA and Grammy awards
5"x 6" Watercolor


Megha Chhatbar said...

This is an excellent piece of art! His expressions and age are very well portrayed..:)

Denny said...

ty Megha

James Parker said...

Wow, Denny...I would have posted your Willie on WTTW if ya had sent it in...I'm not a stickler for details or deadlines. As a matter of fact I'm gonna go back and"RetroPost" it for old archival sake. Check it out.