Saturday, August 8, 2009

Elvis Doing the Gump

Watercolor of Elvis from a photo I found on the internet


Todd Bonita said...

Hi Dennis,
My wife and I are going to the Cape Arundel Inn in Kennebumkport for our anniversary on October 16-17...noticed your wonderful paintings on the web sight. Hope you are well. Looking forward to seeing them in person and checking out the Mast Cove again.

Be good,

James Parker said...

Hi, Dennis. Elvis is least on your canvas. I haven't seen any recent post and artwork.
I hope you get back to blogging your certainly have the talent.

David Russell said...

I happened on to your blog, and the Elvis painting caught my eye. Of course I am an Elvis fan, but liked your art work also!!

Denny said...

Thank You David ... I enjoy your abstracts/blog, nice work!