Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seaside Summer Morning

Take a walk down to the sea in Stonington, Maine on a cool, clear summer morning and your senses come alive...the smell of bacon and coffee, dogs barking and the birds singing, distant laughter of children...the cool sea breeze causes the temperature to suddenly drop seven degrees as soon as the sun goes behind a cloud. Invigorating indeed!
Watercolor 5.25 x 6.25


Painting Tips and Tricks said...

nice painting...Daniel

SYLVIANE said...

There such an agreable atmosphere, here!

AutumnLeaves said...

Oh to live here...that first house on the left is for me! This is absolutely why I've always had a dream of living in Maine. I guess it will never happen as I don't think I could bear to be away from my kids and grandkids. Still? A dream and your description and this beautiful piece just slams it home again.

Susan Roux said...

This is lovely, Dennis. Don't you just love Deer Isle?